Radiant Heat Warmer

Mentok radiant warmer, is a body warming device to provide heat to the body. This device helps to maintain the body temperature of the baby . Radiant Warmers consists of an open tray (where the baby is kept) and the artificial heating is provided by a heating mechanism mounted overhead.

Radiant energy is used for radiant heating. It can be generated electrically by infrared lamps, or can be absorbed from sunlight and used to heat water. The heat energy is emitted from a warm element (floor, wall, overhead panel) and warms people and other objects in rooms rather than directly heating the air.

The skin temperature of the baby can be monitored by a temperature measuring knob .The variation in the skin temperature can be seen on a small LCD panel which continuously shows the body temperature. Radiant warmers are equipped with alarm to indicate the change in temperature and hence attract attention of medical professional attending the baby. The heat generated can be controlled manually by a knob as well as automatically depending on the radiant heat warmer.

Specifications of Infant heat Warmer

1. Ceramic Heater
2. 183 cm (H)x77cm(W)100cm(L)
3. Easy Mobility Over A Bed, Bassinet Or Examination Table
4. Microprocessor Controlled
5. Set Temperature range 32° to 39.9°C
6. Temperature Alarms +-0.5°C
7. Alarms -High/ Low Temperature, sensor fail, Power Fail( servo made)
8. Programmable Feature – Set temperature (high/low) Mute, Manual Time, Apgar time
9. 220V,50 HZ, 650 Watt

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