Micro Motor 

Micro Motor 
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Being Foshan Hand Piece -25%

Being Foshan Hand Piece


3,999.00 INR 2,999.00 INR Ex Tax: 2,999.00 INR

Champion M3 Complete Set

Mentok Healthcare Champion M3 Complete SetCompact and portable clinical micro motor for lab purposes..

6,500.00 INR Ex Tax: 6,500.00 INR

Champion M3 Control Box

Mentok Healthcare Champion M3 Micro Motor Control BoxCompact and portable sizeContiguous variable sp..

2,000.00 INR Ex Tax: 2,000.00 INR

Contra Angle Hand Piece

Product Details:PhaseSingle PhaseSurgical Handpiece Rpm 35000 +Slow Contra Handpiece Rpm 10000+ Micr..

2,500.00 INR Ex Tax: 2,500.00 INR

Micromotor M3 Complete Set

Compact and portable Continuous variable speed control Forward and reverse Smooth, quiet operation...

0.00 INR Ex Tax: 0.00 INR

Micromotor M3 Control Box

Max speed : 35,000rpm Torque : 2.9 Ncm Power : 45W Compact size and Micromotor M33E with max speed 3..

2,000.00 INR Ex Tax: 2,000.00 INR

Micromotor M4 Complete Set

Mentok Healthcare Marathon M4 Micromotor Complete Set.Compact and portable.Continuous variable speed..

7,500.00 INR Ex Tax: 7,500.00 INR