Gynae Examination Chair/Table

Gynecology Examination chair;

Gynecology Examination Chairs Are Specially Designed For Gynecological Examinations And Treatments, Which Provide The Proper Patient Positioning or The Exam Situation. … Usually The Steering Of The Gynecology Chair Is Done With A Foot Rest Pedal So That The Doctor Can Easily Adjust The Chair During An Examination.

Mentok Healthcare Private Limited One Of The Biggest Manufacturer Of Gynecology Chair, Examination Gynae Couch, Gynecology Table, Etc.
Operating Table For Gynecology & Obstetrics From Mentok Offers Gynecologists Full Durability While Doing Gynecological Processes. Mentok Healthcare Has Developed Consistent Specialized Accessories For The Operating Table Certainly For Gynecology processes.

Mentok Healthcare Ltd. Provided The Best Gynecology Chair which Comes With The Wide Number Of Features. Gynecology Chair Has Been Made In The Way Which Proves Itself Being Suitable For All Hospital Procedures.



Features: –
• Two function fully automatic and Two function manual
Examination Bed.
• Bed Position high and low.
• Backrest adjustment to desired angles.
• Collection tray for body Fluids.
• Surface leveler.
• Battery Back-up on request.
• Height adjustable leg support.

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Hospital ICU Bed

ICU beds Are Used On Intensive Care Units (ICUs), Also Known As Critical Care Units (CCU s) Or Intensive Therapy. Units (ITUs). These Specialist Units Provide Treatment And Care For People Who Are Seriously Ill .

ICU bed Is Necessary For Those Who Have Had A Major Operation Or Have A Serious Illness. Any Bed Used In An Intensive Care Unit Would Be Known As An ICU bed.

ICU Beds Are Special Hospital Beds Designed For ICU s To Take Care Of Critical Patients. … ICU Beds,Thus, Provide Safety And Comfort To The Patients. Mentok Health Care Offer ICU Electric Bed According To The Comfort Of Patient

At The Time Of Placing Order Of ICU Bed It Is kept In Mind That Comfort The Patient. Choosing An ICU Bed With An IV Stand Included Makes It Easier To Move A Patient In An Emergency.

  • Mentok Health Care Private Limited Providing ICU Bed Sale In India. We Are Involved In The Production Of ICU Bed For The Sale In India Mentok Produce Many Types Of ICU Bed According To The Need.TYPE OF MENTOK ICU BEDS;1. ICU BED HI – LOW MANUAL THREE FUNCTIONS

    ICU BED Help Medical Staff To React And Provide Treatment Quicker In An Emergency. This Is Crucial In An ICU And Perhaps The Key Difference Between ICU beds And Other Hospital Beds.


    If You Want To Buy The Best Quality ICU bed For Your Hospital Or Clinic, Then You Can Contact Mentok Health Care Pvt Ltd. It Is A Leading Brand That Manufactures And Supplier Quality ICU Bed And Other Hospital Equipment’s At Whole Sale Price .To Get The Best Price Of ICU Bed In India You Can Contact MENTOK .


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Blood Is The Most Precious Gift .That Anyone Can Give To Another Person .The Gift Of Life. A Decision To Donate Your Blood Can Save A Life. To Donate Blood, A Comfortable Chair Is Required Which We Know As Blood Donor Chair.

Mentok Provided A Real Opportunity For Innovation In Procurement Processes. And A Breakthrough In Competitive Tendering, Whilst Delivering Excellence In Engineering, Value, Quality And Reliability.

These Products Are Manufactured Using Genuine Quality Raw Material Procured From Some Of The Trusted Vendors Of The Market. Moreover, We Make Available These To The Clients In Varied Specifications To Meet Their Exact Requirements In The Best Possible Manner.


Mentok Healthcare Private Limited The Most Renowned Names Of The Industry Engaged In Offering Genuine Quality Range Of Blood Donor Chair & Couch To The Customers.

Our Range Includes Manual Blood Donor Chair, Electric Blood Donor Chair With Different Colors.

Features Of Mentok Blood Donor Chair;
1• Very Special Armchair With Synchronized Movement In 50x25mm Oval Tube.
2. Painted With White Epoxy Powder. The Padded Surface Placed On The Solid Structure Is Covered In Washable And Flame-Retardant Class 1 IM Coated Fabric (synthetic leather/vinyl). 3.The Padding And The Anatomical Armrests Ensure Optimal Comfort
4 • The Synchronized Sections Are Set In Action By A Gas Spring (cylinder/piston) Located Behind The Backrest And Capable Of Very Quickly Moving The Structure.

Mentok Healthcare Private Limited The Manufacturers, Suppliers Of Blood Donor Chair. 


A Hospital bed Or Hospital Cot Is A Specially Designed For Hospitalized Patients .Or Others In Need Of Some Form Of Health Care. These Beds Have Special Features Both for The Comfort And Well-Being Of The Patient And For The Convenience Of Health Care Workers. 

Special Features Of  Hospital Beds,Such As Adjustable Height Of The Bed And Side Rails Controlled By Electronic Buttons, Make Them Caretaker-Friendly And Help Provide Better Comfort To Patients. … These Beds Enable Excellent Patient Handling, Are Walkers, Have Total Tilting And Lift Feature, And Are Motorized. 

The Fully Electric Hospital beds Allow You To Adjust The Head, Foot And Overall Height Of the Bed To Your Desired Needs Independently. Hospital Beds Allow Users To Alter And Adjust The Bed To Better Position Their Head And Feet. These Changes Allow For Movement As Well As Periodic Change To The Pressure Points On The Body, Thereby Improving The Patient’s Blood Circulation While He Is In Bed.

Mentok Healthcare Private Limited Renders The Great Solution For A Lightweight, Noiseless And Flexible Hospital Bed. These Are Extremely Cost Effective & Lightweight Design Which Enables It Easier To Move Around A Home Or Ease Place.

The Best Seller Of Hospital Bed;; Hospital Bed Online

We Are Also Providing Hospital Bed On Rent And Sale In India. We Are Involved In The Production Of Hospital Bed For The Sale In India Mentok Produce Many Types Of Hospital Bed According To The Need.

If You Want To Buy Best Hospital Bed To Provide Utmost Comfort To Your Patients, Then You Can By Mentok. It Is A Leading Brand That Manufactures And Supplies Premium Quality Hospital Furniture And Equipment At Wholesale Price. To Get The Best Hospital Bed Price In India, Visit The Website Of Mentok To See The Other Product. 

Hospital Bed Are Also Made By Our Mentok Healthcare Pvt ltd. And We Deal In So Many Cities And Also Out Of India: We Have Been An Established And Popular Company With An Excellent Track Record For The Best Customer Satisfaction. We Have Never Compromised On The Quality And The Services Provided To The Customer.

Laser Trolley

Laser Trolley for Launching and Easy Moving

Mentok Healthcare Pvt Ltd is known for Best Laser Trolley manufacturer in India. They are one of the most renowned medical equipment manufacturers, importer & exporter with a highly experienced and focused tandem of engineers. They make all type of medical & accessories required in hospitals, physiotherapy clinics & centers. Their products stick to global standards &statement of work. Because of our continuous exertion, dedication & quality, we are certified with several recognition’s.

Currently they are offering sale on Laser trolley. They are involved in the production of laser trolley for sale, as per the approved industry standards. Under this array, they have several machineries, which plays important role in managing materials while carrying out the specified operations. They produce many types of laser trolley according to the need.

Trolley is a very important accessory equipment in is specially used to keep all the required medicines, injections and other small surgical and operation tools at one place where it is easy to discover and get. It can be made of several materials like metal, iron, stainless steel etc.Mentok Healthcare Pvt Ltd Offers Luxurious Quality Laser Trolley with Best Results. It Have So Many Variants Like Colors and Design and Motors Are Available as According to The Interior of Clinic and Hospital.

Why Mentok’s Laser trolley

Mentok Healthcare presents the best quality Laser trolley. The features of their quality are as follows:

  • It has Four stainless steel wheel, anti-aging performance, anti-abrasion and move smoothly.
  • It made from Good material, and it is hard strong
  • It is durable; and has High capacity.
  • It has the beautiful designs like Europe style design, beautiful and fashionable.
  • Its Maximum load capacity is 130kg and it is more powerful and safe.
  • It has Melamine board material.
  • .it can be Carry with cabinet and it is more convenient.

Their top most priority is the best each & every platform of the product. Mentok Healthcare is well known for delivering the best Laser Trolley & they are one of the Tendency settlers in this industry. They offer a standard range of Laser Trolley.  which meet the field demands, standards & compliance’s and expectations of the customers. . Their Laser trolleys are renowned for their quality &trustworthiness, best results & excellent product assistance.

they have various clients across the world & have been serving for years. We present-an entire assistance to consumers by rendering trust post sales service for our products.

They have achieved a vast popularity in the field delivering the optimal quality range of medical laser trolley with quality certifications.

Some of the major features in our laser trolley are like it is made up of steel material, having the wheel at the base, gives easy to move comfort, is crack free, having the have the high strength & is most amazing thing is its trendy design.


We Mentok Healthcare Pvt Ltd is manufacturing distributing and trading in Medical Surgical Devices  Examination Bed And Equipment . We offer an Exceptional Collection Of Derma Chair In India .

 Fully Electrically Operated with Wired Remote Control Fully motorize chair operated by hand control remote for up, down, front, back movement and height Instead of moving back side, Flexible arm rest according to the position of chair.
Luxurious Mentok Derma Chair suitable for all dermatology and cosmetology Procedures Imported motor ensures smooth and height adjustments. The centrally located 180 degree rotation control maximizes space saving Easy to operate and practically maintenance free Luxurious styling multi position section couch suitable for all dermatology, cosmetology procedures as well as Hair Transplantation too.
Derma Bed Is Specially designed For Hair Transplantation. Its Is Very Much Stable And Is Made Of The Best Quality Product With Very Much Comfort .

Type Of  Dermatology Chair ;

1. Manual Dermatology Chair
2.Hydrolic Dermatology Chair
3. Single Motor Dermatology Chair
4. Two Motor Dermatology Chair
5. Fully Automatic Dermatology Chair

If you want to buy advanced Derma Chair for your clinic to provide utmost comfort to your patients, then we recommend you to buy it from Mentok. It is a leading brand that manufactures and supplies premium quality hospital furniture and equipment at wholesale price. To get the best Derma chair price in India, visit the official website of Mentok.

Dialysis Chair

How to choose the best dialysis chair for your clinic?

Dialysis is always an unpleasant, uncomfortable, time-consuming and traumatic experience for the patients. Patients spend many hours during dialysis, so it’s important for the healthcare professional to take complete care of the patient whilst the treatment is ongoing. A compact and versatile dialysis chair specifically built for dialysis will help to provide comfort to both the patient and the care provider. There might be a lot of questions in your mind while buying a dialysis chair for your clinic. If you want to access the best dialysis chair to make the procedure comfortable for your patients, then read this entire blog. Here we’re going to share a list of features that you must check while buying a dialysis chair for your clinic. Let’s proceed further to know these features –

Features you should look for while buying dialysis chair

  1. The chair should have a recline mechanism so that it enables the patient to position the back from the TV position to full recline. It should be easy to adjust in any position.
  2. The dialysis chair should have a wide, cosy, contoured seat so that the patient could experience an enhanced level of comfort in all positions.
  3. We all know that blood and medical solutions can be accidentally spilt during dialysis, so it’s obvious that you choose a dialysis chair with easy-to-clean surfaces.
  4. There should be built-in arms pads in the back on the dialysis chair so that it gives improved support for the arms of the patients while in any reclined position.
  5. The dialysis recliner should have a convenient foot pedal.
  6. The “pop-out” side panels should be removable so that it gets easy for the caregiver to access to recliner for cleaning and maintenance.
  7. There should be wheels in the chair for easy movements.

Where to buy dialysis chair from?

If you want to buy advanced dialysis chair for your clinic to provide utmost comfort to your patients, then we recommend you to buy it from Mentok. It is a leading brand that manufactures and supplies premium quality hospital furniture and equipment at wholesale price. To get the best dialysis chair price in India, visit the official website of Mentok today!

Examination Lights

Types of Medical Examination Lights

Medical examination lights are used for local illumination of the patient’s body during diagnostic and major surgical procedures. Examination lights cannot be mistaken with operating lighting that is used in operation theatres.

Skin and other conditions need to be closely inspected with reliable lighting equipment that does not produce glare, shadows or other impeding effects. Examination rooms have lights that provide convenient ambient lighting to the room to make the patient examination easy. Bad lighting will interfere with the medical team’s success, delay the test, and even cause problems during diagnosis.

The range of lighting equipment in the market is huge. The shifts in technological and design specifications are the main challenges of selecting the best medical examination light for your hospital or clinic. Although vendors offer comprehensive details on the technological requirements of the product, it is still difficult for physicians to choose the right examination light. Here is the list of types of medical examination lights for you.

Types of Examination Lights by Mounting Configuration

  1. Ceiling-mounted
  2. Wall-mounted
  3. On floor stand

Types of Examination Lights by Technology

  1. Incandescent lamps
  2. Fluorescent lamps
  3. Light-emitting diodes (LED)

Conventional Incandescent lamps are typically used in residences. The rendering index is really strong in colour but has a poor operation life. The lowest energy consuming power source with poor luminous capacity is incandescent lamps.

In terms of the life cycle and luminous efficiency, fluorescent lamps come somewhere between LEDs and incandescent lamps. These are more expensive than light bulbs but typically cheaper than LEDs.

The most long-lasting and energy consuming, on the other side, are LEDs. While generally, they have higher costs, the investments are normally profitable after a few years because of considerable energy savings and long operation life.

The best seller of medical examination lights

Buy any kind of Medical examination lights with complete manufacturer warranty and in your budget from Mentok, a leading name in the medical equipment.