Hair transplant Forceps Manufacture and supplier in India

With more than 5 years of experience in the field of hair transplant forceps we take pride in serving a broad range of hair transplant clinics and hospitals.

Hair Transplant Forceps are used in both FUE and FUT surgery for implanting hair follicle in precut holes. Curved forceps has light-weight, so it is easy to grip in hands. Its angle makes easy hair implantation and helps to implant or extract hair or hair follicle. The doctors also use it in other microsurgeries, neurosurgery, etc. Moreover this product is made of best steel as it ensures to perennial sterilization in high temperature autoclaves Forceps are used in hair transplant.

Specialties :
1) Hard tipped
2) Superior Grip
3) Anti Magnetic
4) Anti acid
5) Less Follicle damage

We, Mentok Healthcare Pvt Ltd, is a leading brand that manufactures and supplies high quality products at competitive prices with a fast delivery.
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Mentok is a well-known firm in Hair transplant equipment and Hair transplant chair and all type of Hospital Furniture. In addition, quality experts also check the quality of this product on varied industry standards.

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