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Hair Transplant Forcep


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Ensure your hair transplant equipment is update as per latest technology

Mentok has in its portfolio innovative medical forceps online that ensure the best effective hair transplant results. Manufactured from premium quality materials, these forceps are safe and sterile for use and enable dermatology experts and hair transplant specialists to offer the most effective results from the treatments. Mentok products assist surgeons in hair restoration surgery. Being the top forceps manufacturer India, we design these instruments to specifically enhance patient treatment results and thus increase overall efficiency and effectiveness of the treatments.

Why choose Mentok?

Hair transplant procedures tend to be sensitive and very demanding. The need of precise equipment is essential so as to obtain the desired level of results and thus satisfy clients. Mentok manufactured surgical forceps instruments are completely safe for use and enable swift performance which is vital to gain the most effective results from all hair restoration procedures being conducted surgically.

Mentok indulges in persistent research and development of its product ranges so that all the latest and current technologies can be implemented to further enhance efficiency in function and design of the product solutions we offer.

The myriad advantages of Mentok medical forceps online -

  • Mentok hair restoration and transplant equipment comes with better grip and precise control so that a flawless operation can be conducted. Use of high-grade metals and alloys enables these forceps to be very lightweight and precise in operation
  • The product solutions offer added advantages of rust prevention and anti-corrosion qualities. This is vital for achieving 100% safe utilization and hassle free operation
  • Thee forceps are optimally designed to best fit in hand and thus make it possible for the surgeon to conduct intricate procedures with greater accuracy and better control

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