Dialysis Chair

How to choose the best dialysis chair for your clinic?

Dialysis is always an unpleasant, uncomfortable, time-consuming and traumatic experience for the patients. Patients spend many hours during dialysis, so it’s important for the healthcare professional to take complete care of the patient whilst the treatment is ongoing. A compact and versatile dialysis chair specifically built for dialysis will help to provide comfort to both the patient and the care provider. There might be a lot of questions in your mind while buying a dialysis chair for your clinic. If you want to access the best dialysis chair to make the procedure comfortable for your patients, then read this entire blog. Here we’re going to share a list of features that you must check while buying a dialysis chair for your clinic. Let’s proceed further to know these features –

Features you should look for while buying dialysis chair

  1. The chair should have a recline mechanism so that it enables the patient to position the back from the TV position to full recline. It should be easy to adjust in any position.
  2. The dialysis chair should have a wide, cosy, contoured seat so that the patient could experience an enhanced level of comfort in all positions.
  3. We all know that blood and medical solutions can be accidentally spilt during dialysis, so it’s obvious that you choose a dialysis chair with easy-to-clean surfaces.
  4. There should be built-in arms pads in the back on the dialysis chair so that it gives improved support for the arms of the patients while in any reclined position.
  5. The dialysis recliner should have a convenient foot pedal.
  6. The “pop-out” side panels should be removable so that it gets easy for the caregiver to access to recliner for cleaning and maintenance.
  7. There should be wheels in the chair for easy movements.

Where to buy dialysis chair from?

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