Metal Beds with Perforated platform / Metal Beds On Rent

5,000.00 4,700.00

Modal No: MH 016MB


Size of Rectangular Hollow section ±1 50 mm X 25 mm
Size of Square Hollow Section ±1 25 mm X 25 mm
Thickness of Hollow Section in Structure 1.3 mm
Support Panel for placement of mattresses M S hollow box rectangular section
Thickness of support Panel 1.3 mm
Material of head board support section m s square tube of 25.4 mm X 1.0 mm thick
Material of mattress panel Metal
Thickness of mattress Panel ±1 12 mm
Structure of Metal bed frame including legs and head Structure MS PIPE
Head board With
Shape of headboard SEMI CIRCULAR
Over all length of Bed (±10 mm) 1828
Over all width of Bed (±10 mm) 1828
Height of Bed (±10 mm) 450 millimeter
Size of support members (±5 mm) 25 X 25 (mm)
Paint /Finish of M S parts Powder Coating
Finish of head board powder coating
Color of bed (steel Frame) gray
Number of support members 4


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