Patient Bed (Fowler And Semi Fowler)

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Mentok Healthcare Pvt Ltd Offers Luxurious Quality Fowler Bed  With Best Results.


Type of bed – Fowler

Number of bed platform sections – 4 for fowler bed

Availability of Leg section – Yes

Leg section linkage – welded with MS CRCA tube (16 G)

Manual adjustments – Backrest , knee rest through two screw systems with thrust bearingsindividually manouvred by two handles for fowler bed

The bottom end of the H legs are provided with PVC shoes – NA in case of bed with castors

Material of handle – Plastic

Provision of castors – H’ Type Legs with 600 mm Height with125 mm(5″) dia High Grade Synthetic Body Castors, two with brake, two w/o brake

Number of hooks in Telescopic I V Pole – 4

Number of sections in mattress – 4 for fowler bed

Provision of collapsible Railing – Yes

Material of collapsing railing -ABS

Types of collapsing railing – Collapsible


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