Semi Fowler Bed without castors / Semi Fowler Bed On Rent

17,000.00 14,500.00

Modal No: MH 02SFBWC



• Frame Work Made Of Rectangular/Square M. S. Tube.
• 2 Section Top Made Of Perforated Crca Ms Sheet.
• Back Rest Section, Manuevered By Screw Handle From Foot End.
• Tubular Head & Foot Bows Of Unequal Height.
• Location For Four I.V Rod.
• Dimension: 206×90×60 Cm.
•Manual Adjustments -Manual Adjustments Backrest Through Two Screw Systems With Thrust Bearings Individually Manouvred By Handle For Semi Fowler Bed
•Material Of Handle – ABS
•Size Of Buffer In Mm – 100
•Backrest Section Linkage – Welded With Ms Crca Tube (14 G)
•Overall Length Of Back Rest – 775-800
•Overall Width Of Back Rest – 750-775
•Raised Backrest Angle – 65⁰
•Patient Working Load – 135 Kg
•Safe Working Load – 150 Kg
•Bed Frame Tube Size – 60 Mm X 30 Mm X 1.6 Mm (16 G) Thick Erw Tube
•Diameter Of Four Corner Rubber Buffers In Mm – 75
•Material Of Head And Foot Panels – Abs Plastic
•Diameter Of Ms Tubular In Mm – 30 To 50 Mm
•Diameter Of Ss Laminated – 30 To 50 Mm


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