SS Sack Trolley

11,000.00 8,500.00

Modal No: MH0134


Type of Trolley
Sack Trolley
Loading capacity
40 Kgs
Weight of Trolley
10 Kgs
Suitable for entry into Lift
Ground Clearance
20 mm
Handle Yes
Nature of Movement of Trolley
Wheel material Solid Rubber Wheels
No. of wheel 2 (For Sack Trolley)
Wheel Size
150 mm
Type of Wheel movement
Foot Brake facilities No
Finishing of surface edge Free from sharp edges and rounded edge/corner
Surrounding Rubberized Bumper No
Paint Each trolley shall be free of rust and shall be aesthetically painted/Powder coated.
Fold-ability No
Environment use of operation of Trolley Non Corrosive Environmental use
1 Year
Overall Size of Trolley
450 mm X 540 mm x 1290 mm
Material of frame SS202
Size of Toe Plate
450 mm X 540 mm
Material of Platform surface plate


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