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Dermatology Instrument

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Dermatology Instrument


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Reinventing dermatology with high quality equipment to deliver exceptional precision

The dermatology equipment manufacturer Mentok offers state-of-the-art equipment that are designed to meet the specific needs of the dermatologist and physicians who specialize in providing treatment of skin and hair. Our popular dermasurgical products include biopsy punches that are exceptionally precise in their operation. The comprehensive range of dermatology equipment delivers unparalleled excellence in services that is vital for better patient care results.

Why choose Mentok?

  • High quality material use for extended service
  • Better customer care and high quality results
  • Product durability and endurance
  • Precision in operation and seamless function
  • Safe utilization and assured benefits in performance

Safety from utilization and zero-side effects are a guarantee from Mentok – the leading dermatology equipment supplier. Mentok has been providing its clients with the best quality and range of instruments in dermatology for many years.

Our experience spans to delivering excellence for many years and it has enabled us to better understand the exact requirements of our customers so that we provide them with the exact instruments and equipment so that they are able to enhance the quality and level of services being provided. When you buy dermatology equipment online, we ship all your products in the shortest time possible and ensure a safe and quick delivery of the same.

Our prime service qualities are:


Our product range is a result of three years development and through high quality precision, allows the skin care derma specialists to fully concentrate on the diagnosis, whilst gaining better control over the procedures.


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