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A wheelchair is a chair that is mounted on wheels specifically for the use of persons with disabilities.People who have difficulty walking or standing have to use a manual or power wheelchair. When a disabled person has to walk, he uses a wheelchair, everyone can use a wheelchair to walk with the disabled, otherwise he is living in a dull life sitting in one place.

Wheel chairs are used to transport patients from one ward to another in a hospital. And even after major operation, wheel chair is used to shift the patient to another ward or shift to their home After discharge.

Wheelchairs designed for temporary use are not designed to provide the user with a close fit or pressure relief, while for long-term users, a wheelchair must fit well and have good postural support and Should provide pressure relief. Then there should be a good quality wheel chair for long term work

Instead of a wheelchair manually, the user has the facility to drive the wheelchair with the touch of a joystick. This motorized electric wheelchair is useful for those who have limited use of hands and whose hands work less.

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 We have many types of wheel chairs;

  1. Heavy Duty Wheel Chair
  2. Electric Wheel Chair
  3. Folding the wheel chair
  4. Non-folding wheel chair
  5. Stretcher Short Wheel Chair

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